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iI invite you to join the Salt Marsh Book Club-

I invite you to join the Salt Marsh Book Club-

a community of passionate readers.

I don’t know about you, but I love getting lost in a well-crafted, intriguing story. What I don’t love is wading through tons of new releases every month to find ones worthy of my few hours of free time.

If you’re like me and just want to disappear into a good story, sign up for the monthly Salt Marsh book review and receive a short up or down review on the season's best mystery, suspense, and upmarket fiction. 


Happy reading!


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a community for readers of mystery, suspense, and women's fiction.

Veronica began storytelling at a young age, somewhere around three when a host of imaginary friends lived in her bedroom closet and encouraged her penchant for spinning tales. A career in marketing, twenty years of world travel, and a large and boisterous southern family supply her with ample material for the fiction novels she loves to write. She lives on the Georgia coast with her husband and her nine-year-old Standard Poodle, Jasper.


Early Life—


Veronica grew up in Central Florida, but her love of travel started in middle school when her father’s job in industrial mining construction required the family to move to remote locations throughout the US. At sixteen, her family relocated to Brazil where Veronica attended boarding school in São Paulo. The years she spent in Brazil, the culture and the people, left an ineffable mark on her soul.


Years later, she was able to embrace her love of South America when her husband expanded his citrus farm to include seven acres of blueberries. With the help of his sons, those seven acres grew into one of the largest year-round berry marketing and distribution companies in the world, with offices in Chile and Mexico, and growing regions throughout the US, Central, and South America.


As marketing director, Veronica was instrumental in developing the companies export business and frequently traveled to Europe and Asia. While three of her books are set in Savannah, Veronica’s love of Central and South America, the culture, the people and their stories, seared her heart and provided the premise for her upcoming novel, an intriguing suspense set in Antigua Guatemala.