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iI invite you to join the Salt Marsh Book Club-

I invite you to join the Salt Marsh Book Club-

a community of passionate readers.

I don’t know about you, but I love getting lost in a well-crafted, intriguing story. What I don’t love is wading through tons of new releases every month to find ones worthy of my few hours of free time.

If you’re like me and just want to disappear into a good story, sign up for the monthly Salt Marsh book review and receive a short up or down review on the season's best mystery, suspense, and upmarket fiction. 


Happy reading!


Join Salt Marsh Book Club
a community for readers of mystery, suspense, and women's fiction.

Upcoming Releases

Three Faces in the Mirror

Set in historic Savannah

Ivy Abernathy’s six-year-old daughter dies in a suspicious drowning, and the teen arrested for her murder claims to be Ivy’s biological daughter—a daughter her husband knows nothing about.

The Blood Gold Abduction

Set in the Highlands of Antiqua

In the central highlands of Guatemala, in the village of Antigua, the lives of three different women, from three different worlds, collide when a four-year-old American girl is abducted.