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iI invite you to join the Salt Marsh Book Club-

I invite you to join the Salt Marsh Book Club-

a community of passionate readers.

I don’t know about you, but I love getting lost in a well-crafted, intriguing story. What I don’t love is wading through tons of new releases every month to find ones worthy of my few hours of free time.

If you’re like me and just want to disappear into a good story, sign up for the monthly Salt Marsh book review and receive a short up or down review on the season's best mystery, suspense, and upmarket fiction. 


Happy reading!


Join Salt Marsh Book Club
a community for readers of mystery, suspense, and women's fiction.


The human relationship with dogs began as early as 33,000 years ago. Wolves are a lot like humans—social creatures, willing to work together to accomplish a task. 


Scholars believe humans and wolves hunted together lingering in loose packs, and attribute human perseverance in early civilization to this relationship.


Our dog, Jasper, a modern dog with a lifestyle far from a wolf’s, is my constant companion.  From room to room, garden bed to koi pond, early manuscript to final publishing, Jasper is by my side.