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iI invite you to join the Salt Marsh Book Club-

I invite you to join the Salt Marsh Book Club-

a community of passionate readers.

I don’t know about you, but I love getting lost in a well-crafted, intriguing story. What I don’t love is wading through tons of new releases every month to find ones worthy of my few hours of free time.

If you’re like me and just want to disappear into a good story, sign up for the monthly Salt Marsh book review and receive a short up or down review on the season's best mystery, suspense, and upmarket fiction. 


Happy reading!


Join Salt Marsh Book Club
a community for readers of mystery, suspense, and women's fiction.

Salt Marsh Book Club

Delia Owens

Rating: ****

I really wanted to LOVE this book. The setting was perfect, the story interesting, the hype over the top. I’m evidently an outlier reader because this book has primarily 5-star ratings. Read More...


Tanya French

Rating: ****

This story is well written and at times hard to put down. My only complaint is the rather lackluster ending. While real-life crime stories might not have a happy ending, this was a work of fiction and I was left wanting. The beginning of the novel was by far the better part. My four stars rating is for French's writing style, always a pleasure!

Sally Hepworth

Rating: ****

There is a lot to like about this novel. Good writing. Actually, superb writing. Strong character development with an interesting backstory technique. It is difficult to imagine anyone disliking this book, written in the alternating daughter-in-law/mother-in-law points of view.   Read More...


Liane Moriarty

Rating:  ***

I am a huge fan of Liane Moriarty’s BIG LITTLE LIES short series on tv and read recently that all four of her novels have been optioned for tv/movies. I wanted to begin with her first novel and work my way through her books. Read More...

Cate Holahan

Rating:  ****

The title of this book drew me in, then the first chapter grabbed and didn’t let go. I enjoyed the writing, the premise, and even some of the less realistic predicaments of the main character. The author peppered in the backstories, no dreaded information dumps. Well written and all in all a good read. I look forward to more books from this author. 

Tanya French

Rating: ****

A story of demons, family dynamics, and love. And a testament that all of the stories in life don't have happy endings. Hannah weaves an epic story of wilderness, tragedy, love, and forgiveness. 

Kristina McMorris

Rating: ****

The cover of this book grabbed me and didn’t disappoint. An interesting premise and well written. I enjoyed the characters, even though at times the book seemed a bit slow. Recommend to anyone who enjoys a heart-tugging story with a satisfying ending.

Jodi Piccoult

Rating: *****

A gripping story from two different perspectives. At times the message was haunting and heartbreaking, but the character development so well orchestrated that by the time I turned the last page, recognizing the subtle shifts of racism in our society had become a simple matter of self-honesty